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Popular Photography – March 2012-P2P download

Date Added: 2012-02-07 / Total Downloads: 1
Poular Photography and Imaging Magazine, it draws upon top professionals for its comprehensive coverage. Find reviews of the latest equipment, how-to articles and authoritative test reports in each issue of Popular Photography which hails from the US.

Popular Photography – March 2012-P2P
English | 116 pages | HQ PDF | 87.00 Mb

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How to Go Broke the Nic Cage Way
Dare police to arrest you.?In April 2011, while in New Orleans filming his latest movie, Medallion, a "very [url=]coach factory online[/url] drunk" Cage was witnessed screaming at, and allegedly assaulting, his wife, Alice. When police arrived on the scene, they told the couple to go home, to which Cage replied, "Why don't you just arrest me?" The police repeated their suggestion. Cage then repeated his. Hours later, Cage was bailed out of jail by Dog the Bounty Hunter. Cage's wife refused to press charges.Destroy Your Career, Part 1: Star in Season of the Witch, a movie that prompted one critic to ask, "Did either Cage or [director Dominic] Sena even bother reading Bragi F. Schut's patchwork script before adjusting the wig, flicking on the camera and cashing the paychecks?" The $40 million medieval pic earned $10.6 million during its opening weekend and went on to gross a meager $24.8 million stateside.Buy a Bel Air mansion for $6.5 million.Take out six loans against it worth $18 million. Make sure to decorate the house in a manner alternately described as "frat house bordello" and "Gothic mausoleum," only to watch it fall into foreclosure and sell at auction for $10.5 million.Throw a Christmas party that guest Jay Leno will refer to as the greatest he's ever attended.Serve the finest shellfish from a buffet table carved out of ice. Have 10-foot-tall nutcracker men stationed by the front gate. Hire lighting professionals to showcase your collectible cars parked in the driveway. Pay a production crew to blow fake snow. Receive so many presents that you forget about the gifted pony, which is seen roaming your property the following morning. Cost: lost in the hangover haze.?Buy too many animals.At one time or another Cage has owned purebred dogs, rare birds, lizards, saltwater sharks, an octopus and a pair of albino king cobras (along with the accompanying antidote serum). But why stick with living creatures? Taking it to [url=]herve leger dress[/url] the next level, he outbid Leonardo DiCaprio on a 67-million-year-old dinosaur skull at a 2007 auction. Cost: $276,000.Buy a "natural work of art from outer space."Join the ranks of Steven Spielberg, Yo-Yo Ma and James Taylor and buy into the Macovich Collection, the greatest treasure [url=]coach factory outlet[/url] trove of aesthetic iron meteorites the world has ever known. Select specimens carry a price tag of $100,000 or more.Buy multiple castles.In 2006 Cage purchased a 28-room 11th century castle situated on 395 acres in Etzelwang, Germany. He then sold it for roughly the purchase price of $2.3 million—after spending $4 million on improvements. 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Cost: $3 [url=]herve leger dresses[/url] million.Destroy Your Career, Part 4: Star in 8MMa mere five years after winning your best actor Oscar. The psychological thriller provoked one critic to write, "Those foolhardy enough to place themselves at the mercy of 8MM can expect the following emotions: disgust and revulsion, then anger, followed by a profound and disheartening sadness." The film earned $36 million domestically—on a $40 million budget.If financial planning isn't your forte, concentrate on the type of planning that makes sense in the long run.Finally—very finally—purchase a nine-foot-tall pyramid-shaped tomb to serve as your eternal resting place, in a New Orleans cemetery. After all that spending, you've earned a nice long break.
Dekesopousy at 2013-05-21 13:32:12's NFL Preview: NFC North: Bears, Packers, Lions and Vikings
It’s been over six months since anything even remotely resembling football has been on television (unless, of course, you live in Canada, where [url=]coach backpacks outlet[/url] their bastardized rendition of the Great American Game starts in July, has three downs, 10 extra yards and literal acres of end zone). It’s August and we’re all tired of the 162-game baseball slog; it’s time to start talking football again, and this week we're talking NFC North.AFC Previews:East,North,South, andWest.NFC Previews: East.Chicago Bears (8-8)For a guy considered by most to be at best above average, the Bears sure took a beating without QB Jay Cutler. After starting last season 7-3, they dropped five straight after Cutler broke his thumb and had to settle for a .500 record in an unforgiving, offensive-minded division. Part of the problem was the aggressive play-calling of OC Mike Martz, a double-edged sword in the sense that the Bears won games under it, but they [url=]cheap coach backpacks[/url] also gave up a league-worst 105 sacks over the last two years, a stat that always translates to injury. The other part was an ineffective, off-balanced offense without a QB; put simply, there was no plan B.So the Bears spent the off-season acquiring offensive upgrades and options (and firing Mike Martz): they went out and got WR Brandon Marshall, known for 100+ catch seasons and off-field suspensions, and RB Michael Bush, a monster in short yardage situations (24-for-39 in 1 yard situations over the last two years) and the perfect complement to Matt Forté, a runner without much weight to throw around (he put up a 4.9 YPA last year, but was only 3-for-15 in 1 yard situations, the worst rate in the league). They also installed Jason Campbell as the backup QB, a huge upgrade [url=]Coach Outlet[/url] over Caleb Hanie, trainwreck extraordinaire.2012 Expectations: All these upgrades will go a long way to giving the Bears options, but Lovie Smith has never been one to institute a truly aggressive offense. He wins games with defense and special teams (see Devin Hester). With Martz gone, the Bears should feel less pressure in the pocket, which should translate to better execution, especially in the red zone where Bush is the legitimate target they have sorely lacked. All told, this is a team with enough balance and talent on both sides of the ball to go far. Real far. 12-4, second in the NFC North.Green Bay Packers (15-1)In a season of unprecedented offensive numbers, the Packers were among the best: top three across the board in almost every offensive stat category. Aaron Rodgers picked apart opposing Ds for 307 yards and 35 points per game thanks in large part to a slew of four receiver sets and some simply un-coverable footwork. But they’ve ranked dead last in rushing production over the last two years, averaging just 78 yards per and only 15 TDs in 32 games and number among the worst on defense, giving up 300 yards and 359 total points.Which is kind of an afterthought when you posted 560, but there has to be at least a little cause for concern; with essentially the same roster in 2010, the Packers only (only!) put up 42 TDs, so it’s at least reasonable to assume they might be closer to something like 51 in 2012. Part of that drop-off might come from better coverage of Jordy Nelson and part might come from working sophomore Randall Cobb into the slot, but they’ve still got TE Jermichael Finley, who despite dropping in the pecking order (and dropping 11 catches) still had a productive season, and Greg Jennings, who’s been burning corners for years, posting 21 TDs in the last 29 games.2012 Expectations: The fact of the matter is no team is really prepared to cover an average array of four receiver sets, and the Packers have a well above average one and play a lot of them. But while they routinely make secondaries look silly, it’s a stretch to believe that they can keep rolling along at a 35 PPG clip; last year things worked out just so, but with no run game and no defense we’re going to allow for a few more losses in 2012. 13-3, first in the NFC North. Detroit Lions (10-6)If we had to pick one stat to summarize the meteoric rise of the Lions over the [url=]factory Coach Outlet[/url] last two years it would be this: no team has ever improved in scoring by 100+ points in back-to-back seasons save the ’09-’11 Detroit Lions. This is the same team that a year prior to that made more history when they owned a 0-16 record, becoming the first NFL team to post a winless season.Well no, it’s not the same team. The Lions owe much of their success to the emergence of QB Matthew Stafford; last season he threw for 5,038 yards and 41 TDs, joining Drew Brees and Dan Marino as the only QBs ever to do so. The Lions (and Stafford) also benefit from having one of the best all-around wide receivers in the game in Calvin Johnson (aka Megatron). But like their divisional rival Packers, they have virtually no rushing production (none of their backs broke 400 yards or 4 TDs last season) and, outside a very good pass rush, not a lot of options on defense. Unlike their divisional rival [url=]cheap coach backpacks[/url] Packers, they don’t have the depth of talent outside Johnson to consistently run multiple receiver sets, and that limits what they can do offensively.2012 Expectations: If this were a fantasy football preview we’d be praising the Lions’ primary offensive weapons as first- and second-rounders. But because these guys have to play with what they have around them (as opposed to a team full of all-stars) our expectations are tempered. It’s unlikely Stafford will come anywhere near what will likely be his career numbers, and Megatron will have to deal with a lot of double coverage. The Lions’ second and third wide-outs did come around at the end of last season, but by then, they had the benefit of playing against some really terrible defenses. We’re thinking the lost yardage will translate (naturally) into more losses. 7-9, third in the NFC North.Minnesota Vikings (3-13)It wasn’t so long ago that the Vikings dominated the North behind the likes of Adrian [url=][/url] Peterson, Jared Allen, the Williams Wall and Brett Favre. They were making postseason runs behind one of the most punishing defensive lines of the era and the outstanding work of A. D. They were setting television viewership records and blowing out title contenders 44-7. They had back-to-back Offensive Rookies of the Year and they were, to quote a phrase, kicking ass and taking names.But oh, the difference a few years can make. Since Brett Favre’s departure and that 12-4 season, the Vikings have gone 9-23 thanks in large part to inconsistency from Harvin, injuries from Peterson, a few failed experiments at quarterback and a historically bad pass defense. The good news is that their first-round pick, QB Christian Ponder, fared fairly well in his first season under center and the Vikes signed WR Jerome Simpson out from under A. J. Green’s shadow, so he’ll have another target to connect with downfield.2012 Expectations: All eyes are on All-Day’s surgically repaired knee; since 1990, only four running backs out of 13 with A. D.’s credentials and a similar injury have come back to break 1,000 yards the season after surgery. Even if he’s healthy he might not be 100 percent, so the Vikes will look to build on Ponder’s modest 54.3 pass percentage and dead-even TD to INT ratio. With so many question marks and a divisional schedule that looks to be the toughest in the league, it’s tough to give the Vikings any wiggle room to improve on 3-13. But we will. 4-12, fourth in the NFC North.
gealpleargo at 2013-05-21 13:45:52
Playboy Interview: UFC's Dana White
Your mom's worst sports nightmare—brutal hand-to-hand combat in a cage—has become the fastest-growing sport in the country, dominating cable, pay-per-view and probably an arena near you. One man is responsible: a shaved-headed, bullnecked college dropout whose three favorite words are "fuck," "fucking" and "fucked." At 39, Ultimate Fighting Championship president Dana White has risen from aerobics instructor to the kingpin of professional mixed martial arts, an often violent combination of boxing, kickboxing, wrestling and jujitsu that makes old-fashioned sports look about as tough as Scrabble. He appears constantly on TV, jets around the globe promoting the UFC, parties with celebs and feuds with some of his own fighters. His hard-nosed approach to contract negotiation made him an enemy of UFC legends Randy Couture and Tito Ortiz, but White rolled merrily on, and so did the brand he built from the ground up. The UFC has kicked so much butt in the prized 18-to-34-year old demographic that rival mixed-martial-arts leagues are now springing up like Las Vegas casinos, backed by deep-pocketed businessmen such as Mark Cuban and Donald Trump. White's next fight will be to keep his brand on top in the face of this new onslaught of competition. Eight years ago White was a washed-up amateur boxer and gym owner in Las Vegas, managing Ortiz and Chuck Liddell, semifamous stars of the UFC, then a near-bankrupt cage-fighting circuit. After hearing the UFC was for sale, White persuaded a couple of his high school buddies— casino moguls Frank and Lorenzo Fertitta—to buy it for $2 million, make him president and give him a 10 percent ownership stake. Four years later he owned 10 percent of less than nothing. White and the Fertittas were millions in the hole.Most people weren't surprised. Mixed martial arts had been tagged as brutal—Senator John McCain branded it "human cockfighting"—and it was illegal in most states. But White carefully engineered a turnaround, making the sport safer and then lobbying for government approval. It worked. The bloody spectacle he calls "this monster" stomped, kicked and thrashed its way to pop-culture dominance and a current value of more than $1 billion. It's one of the most watched sporting events on TV, and the UFC has been so successful that even its competitors are doing well, one landing a special on prime-time network TV. But no one has achieved the stature or power in the sport that White has, and no one has made more enemies doing it. We sent contributing editor Kevin Cook to UFC headquarters in Las Vegas to find out how and why."I've covered every major sport," says Cook, whose new book, Driven: Teen Phenoms, Mad Parents, Swing Science and the Future of Golf, just hit bookstores. "Nothing quite compares to the UFC. It's as rich and rowdy as White, who has enough energy to power the lights of the Vegas Strip. Over two blazing-hot days in the desert, we talked in his office, with its jumbo photos of his boyhood heroes Muhammad Ali and Bruce Lee, and in a basement gym where he shadowboxed and pumped iron. He can bench 325 pounds—not bad for an executive who turns 40 next summer. During our talks he often jumped up to illustrate a point, pretending to crouch like Tito Ortiz or throwing a punch that stopped an inch short of my chin."White is loud, brash, cocky and unstoppably profane. I fucking loved meeting him."PLAYBOY: How big can the UFC get? WHITE: Fucking big. What are the major sports in America right now? The NFL and major league baseball, with the NBA third. The NHL was fourth for years, but now we're fourth, and we're still in our infancy. Our ratings on Spike TV beat most of the major sports in our 18-to-34 demo. Last year we beat four Monday Night Football games in the demo. In eight years the UFC will be bigger than the NFL, bigger than World Cup soccer. It will be the biggest sport in the world. PLAYBOY: You won't beat the NFL as easily as you beat hockey. WHITE: There's nothing bigger in this country than the NFL. Everybody watches the Super Bowl. But football is limited. The NFL has spent billions to move into Europe, but it will never work. They don't give a fuck about NFL football in Europe. They don't know the rules. They didn't grow up playing the game. PLAYBOY: They didn't grow up fighting in the Octagon, either. WHITE: But the Octagon transcends cultural barriers. People get it. You know why? Something in our DNA loves fighting. Women are attracted to the toughest guy. "Ooh, I want to get close to him." Guys want to be him. Go to an intersection anywhere in the world: On one corner they might be playing basketball, stickball on another corner, street hockey on another, and on the fourth corner a fight breaks out. What does the crowd do? They run to the fight. Not only the crowd but the guys playing the other games! We're human beings, man. We love a fight. PLAYBOY: So why is boxing dying? WHITE: Corruption, fragmentation and greed killed boxing. When I started with the UFC I took all the shit I hated about boxing and changed it. PLAYBOY: You grew up loving Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson. How do you feel about killing [url=]online coach factory outlet[/url] their sport? WHITE: The UFC didn't kill boxing, but the timing was perfect. We're filling the void boxing left behind. PLAYBOY: What if there's a Tyson out there now—the next great boxer. If big-time boxing goes away, he'll be unknown. WHITE: Nah. He would become a mixed martial artist. Think about it: If Tyson started out in martial [url=]online coach factory outlet[/url] arts at the same age he started boxing, he would still be Tyson, but he would have done his thing in the Octagon. I'd pay to see that. PLAYBOY: Under the original UFC rules, he could have bitten guys' ears. WHITE: That's illegal now. We're a real sport. PLAYBOY: Who's a better athlete, Chuck Liddell or Kobe Bryant? WHITE: Kobe could out-jump Chuck. But my guys are well versed in boxing, kickboxing, muay Thai, wrestling and jujitsu and fierce in cardio and weight training. UFC fighters are the best all-around athletes in the world. PLAYBOY: But not the most famous. That's Tiger Woods. WHITE: I fucking hate golf. It's a stupid game and a waste of time and good land. But I love Tiger's passion and killer instinct. We watched the U.S. Open on TV here at the UFC offices, and I was yelling for him. Tiger's got more money than God, but he's still out there pumping his arms, going crazy. Some guys might think, I've already won everything, I've got money coming out of my ass, and I'm playing on a broken fucking [url=]cheap coach backpacks[/url] leg. Maybe I'll lose this one time. But no, not him. He's thinking, I'm gonna bury you. Tiger Woods is a fighter. PLAYBOY: His mother taught him to "step on their throats." Suppose Tiger wanted to try a real man's sport. Could you train him to be a UFC fighter? WHITE: He's too old to start. You don't just jump into mixed martial arts. Fighters get punched in the face every day. I don't see Tiger going in for much of that. PLAYBOY: You used to get punched every day. What made you quit boxing? WHITE: As a kid I liked wrestling. Like a lot of World Wrestling Entertainment fans, I was into the story lines and soap operas. I loved Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka— PLAYBOY: Flying off the top rope— WHITE: But once you turn 16 you want the real thing. I was a tough enough kid, a boxer who could punch and take a punch. I wanted to be Sugar Ray Leonard or Marvin Hagler. I was dying to win a title—IBF, WBA, a state title, even a city title. Then one day I met this local big-deal boxer, 30-some-years old. A name guy. He was so fucking punchy, his brain was mush. He didn't have a job. He just moped around the gym. That's the day I realized I wasn't a real fighter, because real fighters don't think, I might need a job someday. They'll lose two or three in a row or 10 in a row and keep fighting. I respect that more than anything, but I'm not that guy. PLAYBOY: How hard on the brain is Ultimate Fighting? WHITE: People think our sport's more violent than boxing. Wrong! They're weirded out because it goes to the ground. We grew up with John Wayne movies—you don't hit a man when he's down. It's un-American! John Wayne would deck a guy, stand him back up and hit him again. So when Americans first watch UFC—one guy's on top of the other, hitting him when he's down—they say, "Oh God, he can't defend himself!" It's not like that in Asia, where they've been doing martial arts since the samurai days. Here's another misconception: Americans think, How much can it hurt, getting hit with those big padded boxing gloves? But they protect the hands. When boxing was bare-knuckle, fights would last about two seconds. Guys kept hurting their hands punching the other guy's hard, bony head. So they created a padded weapon, and you could punch a guy in the head—bam bam bam—without breaking your hands. Boxing also has a three knockdown rule. You hit me so hard you jarred my brain, so I couldn't stand up. That's one. Now, if I can get back up, you can concuss me again. I go down and get up. If you do it again, the fight's over. Boxers die every year, mostly from brain damage.In the UFC a lot of the punching is on the ground. I'm trying to make you cover up so I can pull off a submission, get an arm bar, and maybe the ref will stop the fight. It's not like a punch from a boxing stance, which is boom—throwing my whole 205 pounds right into your face. We also use smaller gloves. Our guys don't take anything near the punishment boxers take.PLAYBOY: Senator John McCain famously called the UFC "human cockfighting." That actually helped you, didn't it? WHITE: Exactly. John McCain created the UFC. All he meant was, you can't put on illegal fights; you have to be sanctioned by an athletic commission. We agreed. The Fertitta brothers and I wanted to change the rules and be legal. We're still not sanctioned in Massachusetts, New York and a lot of other places. PLAYBOY: Did you ever thank McCain for his help? WHITE: I walked up to him at a boxing match and said, "I'm Dana White from the UFC." He mumbled hello. The guy's running for president; he doesn't give a shit about me. PLAYBOY: Who would win in the Octagon, McCain or Barack Obama? WHITE: I would go with Obama. He's younger. Hillary Clinton might kick the shit out of both of them. PLAYBOY: You mentioned being a tough kid. WHITE: I grew up in Las Vegas. My dad used to be a firefighter, but later he was mainly out drinking. My mom was a nurse. She worried because I was a horrible student who [url=]cheap coach factory backpacks[/url] hated school. She kept threatening to put me in private school and finally did—St. Viator's School in the eighth grade, [url=]coach backpacks[/url] then Bishop Gorman High School. Strict Catholic schools. I got expelled twice. Once was for kicking an old nun's door shut. That door would make a huge bang; I would kick it and run, then she would freak and let the kids out of class, so the kids loved me. One day I kicked it and my shoe flew 30 feet in the air—right to her! "Ha-ha, I've got him now!" They caught me walking around with one shoe and kicked me out. The other time was for fighting. This guy was tossing big heavy rocks at a toad in a planter. I said, "Knock it off. Leave that toad alone.""Fuck you," he said. So we fought. I was throwing punches, thinking, Here I am in Catholic school, saving a horny toad's life. They'll say I'm a hero! No, they kicked me out again.PLAYBOY: Are you still a Catholic? WHITE: I don't believe in God, the devil, ghosts or any of that shit. But I'm still fascinated by religion—how violent and crazy it is. That stuff sticks with you. PLAYBOY: Ever have a religious experience? WHITE: The summer of my junior year I was 16, drunk and hauling ass in my girlfriend's Subaru with a girl who wasn't my girlfriend. I had just met this girl at an under-21 club. I hit the median, spun the car and hit a pole, and the impact shot me out of the car. It scalped me, took all the hair off my head. I landed in the parking lot of the Dunes, which is now the Bellagio, with chunks of glass in my head and rocks and shit in my knees. Broke my collarbone. My feet busted open like baked potatoes. The girl was okay, but she was screaming. I couldn't see, but I heard someone say, "I'm a doctor, I'm a doctor." The doctor looked me over and said, "He's dead." I remember lying there, thinking, Oh my gosh, I'm fuckin' dead. Then he said, "I got a pulse. He's alive!" I spent that summer in [url=]online coach factory outlet[/url] the hospital. Then my mom sent me to live with my grandma in Levant, Maine. That makes sense, doesn't it? You've got this troubled kid the parents can't handle, so you send him to a 70-year-old lady in Maine. I just went out drinking and partying every night. Girls and more girls. PLAYBOY: You were a ladies' man? WHITE: I was very sexual. I was 14 the first time I had sex. It was in a maintenance shed in Vegas with a girl named Jane, with rakes and lawn mowers all around us. 123Next
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Trina Turk Designs iPhone 5 iPad Mini Cases – Trina Turk Kindle Phone Cases ELLE
Trina Turk Designs iPhone 5, iPad Mini CasesNovember 20 4:30 PMby Leah Melby 0 CommentsPhoto: Trina TurkiPhone 5 owners should prepare for hearts to soar: Designer Trina Turk has paired with M-Edge to create a line of stylish cases for the newest model. Styles were also produced for iPad, iPad Mini, Kindle Fire, and laptops, and are available for purchase now both online at M-Edge and in Trina Turk boutiques. chatted exclusively with Turk about where the patterns came from and where she stands on the iPhone spectrum.ELLE: Did you dive into your archives to find prints or were these developed specifically for the project?Trina Turk: They all came from the archives, [although] some of them are things we did fairly recently and others went back further. We have 17 years of prints, so it was a lot to choose from. Between the design [url=][/url] team and everyone in the office, we whittled down and whittled down. We were trying to select some we thought would work for men as well, so there are a few graphic, geometric styles.ELLE: In your mind, are the cases more about style or protection?TT: Both. I've dropped my phone a million times and been lucky that it's never actually broken. But, I've always had a case on it.ELLE: When did you go iPhone?TT: I can't even remember, so it seems like it must have been a long time ago. I don't have an iPhone 5 yet, though. I still have the 4. I got my first one at the store at 14th [street] and [url=]coach outlet store[/url] 9th [avenue] in NYC, even though I live in L.A., so it must have been since that store was opened. I can't imagine life without it. My husband is a photographer, and we've been having a lot of fun both personally and for work on Instagram. He's @MrTurk and I'm @TrinaTurk. It just seems like the perfect medium. I find it much more interesting than Twitter.ELLE: Was it hard for him to accept being Mr. Turk?TT: He seems to be fine with taking the name as his "also known as." We've been doing a limited-edition menswear line called Mr. Turk for awhile now that was sold on our website and in our retail stores, and it got to this point that no one was really paying enough attention to it. Our clients were starting to get really mad they weren't getting regular deliveries like they would with women's. So he took it over. He was a stylist for many years, so designing wasn't a stretch for him. ELLE: Are you an iPad user?TT: We have one, but I really don't use it that much. I'm a magazine addict. I know it's much easier than carrying around a stack of magazines, but I like to tear out the pages. Really, I'm much more obsessed with my phone than I am with my iPad.ELLE: Any exciting Thanksgiving plans?TT: We're just going to chill in L.A., which we're really looking forward to. We're going to go to lots of movies and have an intimate turkey dinner at home.ELLE: And Instagram?TT: Yes!
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Wes Gordon Fall 2013 Interview Wes [url=][/url] Gordon Interview ELLE
Wes [url=]karen [url=][/url] millen dresses online[/url] Gordon: "It's Not a Quiet Collection"February 12 4:30 PMby Krista Soriano 0 CommentsPhoto: Getty ImagesPer the Instagram Fashion Week Diary Wes Gordon kept for us while putting the finishing touches on [url=]cheap karen millen [url=]cheap karen millen dresses[/url] dresses[/url] his collection, we were promised “many amazing prints" for fall. We weren’t let down.It was a party of prints, furs, and brocade at the Gramercy Theater last night. "There’s a lot of volume, a lot of shapes, a lot of drama," the designer told at his presentation. "It’s not a quiet collection; it’s a very awake, alive collection." The rising designer went on to describe his spunky fall girl, his favorite Instagrams, and why the upcoming season isn't for it-pieces.ELLE: Why did [url=]cheap oakley sunglasses[/url] you choose the Gramercy Theater?Wes Gordon: It has this awesome downtown rock 'n' roll vibe. We thought we were being so clever choosing a spot by Marc! Our girl this season is very rock 'n' roll; she seems very at home here.ELLE: Tell me more about your fall girl.WG: She sort of morphed into a very Sgt.Pepper, King’s Road, having-an-affair-with-The-Rolling-Stones kind of bad-ass chick who’s still quite elegant and cool.ELLE: That pre-Fashion Week Instagram Diary you did for us was such a tease! Who do you love following on Instagram?WG: Lena Dunham is fantastic, and my dog, Bird, actually has an Instagram account.ELLE: What does Bird think of the collection?WG: She likes it very much; she thinks everyone should buy a lot of pieces.ELLE: This fall, what’s the one piece every woman should have in her closet?WG: I’ll tell you what I think: The one piece [she] should have…it’s not a coat, it’s not a pant, it’s a piece she’s so incredibly excited to wear she can’t even stand it and wants to wear it everyday, because I think this fall, it’s about having fun. It’s not about being drab, it’s about choosing beautiful colors, fantastic embroidery, and rocking it.See the Fall 2013 Wes Gordon Ready-to-Wear collection.See all the Fall 2013 Ready-to-Wear collections.
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Anything Yoga: Art and Yoga
March 20, 2006Art and Yoga Art and yoga retreats are the latest member of the yoga-in-combination-with-another-activity retreat club. We've heard of yoga and surfing, yoga and golfing, even yoga and rock climbing. Now it's yoga and artwork appreciation. Read more about yoga and art retreats the following. Personally, I'm a [url=]lululemon outlet[/url]yoga and hiking girl (which is not to say that I wouldn't try some other yoga combo retreat). In fact, I did both this past weekend. When I have time, I like to take a half day or two half days of a weekend and create my own mini yoga/hiking retreat. This past [url=]lululemon sale[/url] Saturday, I spent a few hours hiking and then came home [url=]lululemon canada[/url]and enjoyed a nice long meditation and yoga session. I felt [url=]lululemon sale[/url]like I had gone on vacation. 18 days and counting until the Boston Yoga Journal
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Conference. Yeah! Can't [url=]Lululemon canada[/url] wait!Namaste!
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Figueirense made a winning start to the Campeonato season thanks to Caio's last-minute winner against Nautico Recife.Substitute Fernandes had put the hosts ahead in the 77th minute but Clemerson Araujo almost immediately equalised from a penalty and it was left to Caio to restore Figuerense's lead.Vagner Love earned Flamengo [url=]soccer jerseys cheap[/url] [url=]soccer jerseys wholesale[/url] a 1-1 draw away to Sport Recife, equalising in the 74th minute after Marcos Do Nascimento had given [url=]soccer jerseys wholesale[/url] the home side the lead.It was also 1-1 between Palmeiras and Portuguesa, Luan giving the home side a first-half lead before Rodriguinho equalised late on.

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Brazilian giants Sao Paulo booked a berth in the Copa Sudamericana semi-finals after they hammered reigning champions Universidad de [url=][/url] Chile 5-0 on Wednesday.A brace by Jadson and a goal each from Luis Fabiano, Lucas and Rafael Toloi helped Ney Franco's Sao Paulo claim a 7-0 aggregate win.The final score was [url=]soccer jerseys cheap[/url] a fair reflection of the action as Sao Paulo were superb [url=]soccer jerseys cheap[/url] from the first minute to the final whistle, playing calmly after the 2-0 away win in the first leg in Santiago.The defending champions were unable to control Sao Paulo at the Pacaembu stadium, not even in the second period, when Franco withdrew some of his stars.Jadson opened the scoring in the fourth minute after a counter-attack started by Maicon.In the 21st minute, Lucas dribbled past Universidad defender Matias Rodriguez and beat keeper Johnny Herrera with a shot inside the right post.Eight minutes later, Sao Paulo consolidated their lead as Luis Fabiano got the ball from Lucas and made it 3-0.Toloi scored a nice goal with his right foot, sending the ball to the top corner of the goal in the 64th [url=]13 14 soccer jerseys[/url] minute, while Jadson got the ball from Cortez and made it 5-0 with 13 minutes remaining.Lucas told he is focused on winning the Copa Sudamericana, a title Sao Paulo has never won, and not on his future at Paris St Germain next January."Each match I try to do my best like if it was the last one," he said. "I want to win this Copa Sudamericana and that is why I'm running a lot every game."Sao Paulo's next opponents are not yet known and, depending on results, could be Gremio, Independiente or Universidad Catolica.

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.... We miss you already!Last week Paris closed it's doors and the biggest month of the fashion year was over yet again... hideous! We'd been so enthralled in the latest trends, clothes, styles and designers that we'd almost forgotten all great things come to an end. But a fabulous end it was. Here's a few of our ultimate fave fashion things we'll miss. until February that is. THE ATMOSPHERE. There is literally nothing more amazing than the buzz of the runway, the air of anticipation and the joy of witnessing a new collection. Personally we get extremely over excited and have to reign it in (we are really very cool [url=]wholesale coach handbags[/url] after all... ha!), but celebration is key with fashion, and the viewers opinion is what masters [url=]coach outlet factory[/url] the trends. It's only right we feel electric watching! THE SETS We've seen some incredible pieces from Louis Vuitton to House of Holland, the major designers used all they could to showcase their own designs, Marc jacobs is always a winner and who can forget Chanel? Wait, and Dior? And Alexander McQueen? And... we'll shut up now. But we do love a sparkly runway and a fluorescent back drop. THE FROW Aka the most fabulously amazing men and [url=]coach outlet online[/url] women to grace the fashion world. Top models, designers, editors, a-listers, writers... you name it, they witnessed it (without peering over anyones perfectly styled hair). STREET [url=]coach backpacks outlet[/url] STYLE. It's not just the catwalk that showcases the best of trends- it's the streets too. Forget runways, we're talking ways?! Either way (is that a rhyme?) we were in love with the goings on outside the shows, from London's quirky feel to Milan's big and bold, we wanted to capture it all. And capture it we did... THE CLOTHES. Self explanatory? This is what the fashion weeks are all about. Style style style. Clothes clothes clothes. Trends trends trends. Let's admit it... it was all pretty fabulous, right?See you next summer you beauties! All photos courtesy of and

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The Hungarian model and L閳ユ┉r鑼卆l Paris global ambassador is being flown to Australia as [url=]coach outlet online store[/url] a special guest of the festival, which runs from the 18th 24th March.
LOreal Melbourne Fashion Festival (LMFF) is starting in just a few days, and along with the host of runways made available for the public to attend, theres also the [url=]wholesale coach handbags[/url] chance of running into the gorgeous Barbara [url=]cheap coach outlet[/url] [url=]coach outlet online[/url] Palvin.

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But Bayern were impressive in the first half as Bastian Schweinsteiger capitalised on a mistake [url=]cheap soccer jerseys[/url] in the Fiorentina defence to hit a fantastic long-range strike.
And having picked up their first league win in four games last weekend, Bayern again showed they are weak in defence as goalkeeper Michael Rensing looked anything but secure on occasion.
Schweini strikes
"It is a disappointing result, Bayern were very strong in the first 25 minutes, but we wasted too many chances in front of goal which is disappointing," said Gilardino.? "This isn't where we want to be in the table, but we still have to prove ourselves."
"It doesn't get much better than that," admitted an impressed Beckenbauer.
With three games left for both teams there is still all to [url=]2014 world cup jerseys[/url] play for in the return leg on 5 November when the two sides meet at Fiorentina's Artemio Franchi stadium.
Bayern Munich took a large [url=]soccer jerseys from china[/url] step towards the last sixteen of the UEFA Champions League with a 3-0 home win over Fiorentina on Tuesday and coach Jurgen Klinsmann says they must now build on the victory.
The three points meant Bayern top Group F with seven points, from second-placed Lyon on five, and puts the German giants in pole-position to reach the first knock-out phase, while Fiorentina are third in the table.
But with Romania striker Adrian Mutu and Azzurri hot-shot Gilardino in their ranks, Fiorentina failed to find the net despite 23 shots on goal - compared to Bayern's 15 - which disappointed Gilardino.
"You can see again [url=]cheap authentic soccer jerseys[/url] the Bayern defence is susceptible," said Bayern president Franz Beckenbauer.
But Bayern rode their luck against a spirited Fiorentina side as Azzurri forward Alberto Gilardino [url=]2014 world cup jerseys[/url] squandered two golden opportunities just after the break.
"The victory was very, very important and gives us lift, but we must build on this," said a relieved Klinsmann.? "We knew Fiorentina are a very strong, attacking team and had their chances to score a goal or two.
Germany striker Miroslav Klose put Bayern ahead after four minutes then midfielder Bastian Schweinsteiger scored a spectacular net-buster on 25 minutes before Brazilian Ze Roberto made it 3-0 on 90 minutes.
"We have to consistently reach that level and we hope we will just get better and better. I never doubted we would get to this level."

Cootatrolfvah at 2013-06-25 22:47:48
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Most beneficial Toddler Sneakers for Boys 2013
Your toddler boy has all of a sudden morphed into a super~charged torpedo with two feet internet hosting a plethora of tiny bones (52 total to be exact). That is a good deal of bones that nonetheless desire safety from the moment's adventurous impulses.
Toddler boys are at an awkward age: they are not the docile baby you cooed, coddled and cuddled just months earlier. Gone will be the crib and white walking footwear your toddler boy wore although learning the fundamentals of mobility.
Which is why your toddler boy's sneakers (or tennis sneakers) are an all~important investment. Those minor bones demand right help, and ample toe area for proper development and comfort.
These toddler Saucony sneakers have the rave testimonials wee moms and dads adore. With loads of high marks for comfort, stability and support are behind these toddler sneakers, your little electrical power home could have a lot of perform hrs in these lightweight leather and mesh upper sneaks! These Sauconys remain on your toddler boy's feet and therefore are produced to hit the dirt and stand up properly until the following dimension!There was an error connecting on the Amazon web support. They will guide for those additional formal occasions, photo sessions and vacation wear.
You're toddler boy will take pleasure in his new running footwear by New Balance. There is an abundance of rave testimonials by satisfied moms and dads, most notably regarding the fit and fine appears these sneakers supply. One particular mom notes that her lil' guy factors these New Stability out of his shoe pile, though an additional mom and dad mention the image does little justice to how outstanding these footwear look! New Balance for toddler boys is a wonderful possibility, since the brand tends to present additional toe room for anyone "in~between" feet that nevertheless could have a bit of infant unwanted fat. These toddler boys' working sneakers are true~to~size.
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Following Diffused Taupe released two weeks ago, overwhelmed through the brand Nikes Zero cost Powerlines + II working sneakers series re-release from the new "Strata Grey layout. Shoes continuation on the outline from the former upper with suede mixed with breathable mesh material to construct, complemented by dark blue within, shoe buckles, and also the orange pull the typical embellishment, together with include equipped using a Dynamic Flywire engineering and dynamic fit Phylite midsole engineering, with its light-weight cushioning qualities carry on to carry "running barefoot practical experience. The shoes are expected to officially landed Nike recently designated outlets.
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Margaret writes, "I am allergic to substances used in very, very many shoes as are an increasing number of people. "When it first happened to me, I thought I must be crazy. ? Bought a new pair of walking shoes, wore them for one hour with socks on my treadmill, and afterward the skin on the tops of my toes and feet felt irritated and itchy. ? I wore those shoes a total of three one hour stints, resulting in the tops and soles of my feet feeling chemically burned and incredibly itchy. "For weeks, whenever my feet got hot, the intense burning and itching returned, making my feet feel like I'd been stung by bees. ? Since that initial acute reaction, I have developed reactions to many of my other shoes that had not previously bothered me to a noticeable degree. "Thinking I must be nuts, I Googled "shoe allergy" and found that I am not crazy and I am not alone. ? I found a forum of people all discussing shoe allergies and a list of the most common allergens, which include glues, dyes, tanning chemicals, rubber accelerators, etc. "My dermatologist had a "shoe kit" and tested me for all the most common culprits, but we?didn't?find what substance s I am allergic to. ? He said he could continue testing with a longer list, but it would be expensive and then there is the problem?that shoe manufacturers?can't usually tell you or guarantee you?what is or is not used in any given shoe, anyway. "Now, ?every single pair [url=]cheap soccer jerseys[/url] of shoes I buy, whether?athletic shoes, dress shoes, ?sandals, etc., I have to buy them, wear them around inside for several?hours, and try to determine if my feet are going to react. ? Sadly, most shoes do cause a reaction, and?then I have to return them and start over. ? Margaret. " I myself have had a wide variety of allergies. ? I found several research studies that confirmed that people have allergies to a wide variety of adhesives, rubber chemicals, and leather treatments [url=]cheap football jerseys[/url] used in shoes and insoles. ? Often, the allergy produces contact dermatitis. ? As Margaret points out, this can be painful and distressing. ? Ultimately, you have to learn how to avoid the chemical that is causing it. ? Bec

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The Gillard Government will invest $ 3.7 million (GST exclusive) to support 4 new projects to improve the competitiveness of Australias Textile, Clothes and Footwear (TCF) sector.New projects - like building a material for curtains that absorbs noise when letting in sunlight, as well as a centre of excellence for digital printing - might be supported by the TCF Strategic Capability System.Minister Assisting for Sector and Innovation, Senator Kate Lundy, now announced the 4 new grants worth a combined $ three.7 million (GST exclusive) from the third round of the plan. "These projects will combine research with market know-how to enhance the capability with the textile, clothes and footwear sector," Senator Lundy stated. "The TCF sector is essential to Australias economy and, when it faces challenges from cheap overseas competitors, these projects demonstrate that through innovation our sector also has important potential. "The 4 new projects are about producing new opportunities - they combine sector with cutting-edge study to develop and capitalise on new concepts." The four projects funded under the third round in the TCF Strategic Capability System contain: Digital Textile Printing Pty Ltd ($ 1,269,299) will build a Centre of Digital Excellence to create and facilitate accredited training courses on digital design creation and printing for the TCF sector.Materialised Pty Ltd ( $ 461,189) will undertake a project with the CSIRO, to create a sheer curtain textile that could provide decreased noise reverberation, though providing a high degree of light transmission for the Hospitality, Health Care and Aged Care sectors.Bekaert (Australia) Pty Ltd ($ 1,152,185 ) in conjunction with RMIT and CSIRO, will undertake study to improve the functionality of restorative sleep by way of textiles and bedding items having a concentrate on the overall health and aged care markets.Bruck Textiles Pty Ltd ($ 793,585) in partnership with Victoria University, will research the potential for any membrane distillation method to convert waste heat and waste water (effluent) from textile processing to recycled water.These projects join the 17 ground breaking projects already becoming funded by the TCF Strategic Capability System for instance the Textile and Fashion Hub in inner city Melbourne that provides state in the art design and style, coaching and short-run production to designers and companies Australia wide.The TCF Strategic Capability system has funded 21 projects worth $ 33 million that should run to 30 June 2015.
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Similarly, until Romo can carry the Cowboys to a championship, something that the team historically is good at, then he cannot be compared to Eli. Who cares how good he is in the regular season. It is a wasted season for the Cowboys anytime they make the playoffs and cannot win. Look at John Elway and Michael Strahan. Their legacies were completely solidified when they finally won championships for their teams. They were both integral parts of those [url=]Nike Dion Jordan Pink Jersey[/url] teams.Their touchdown numbers are still respectable (they average 4.5 while the top 10 yardage receivers average 4.6). However, when you start looking at average yards per catch (YPC), the four divas performance starts to degrade. The four average 12.3 YPC while the top 10 average 15.4 YPC. Then, when you look at their total average receptions, [url=]Black Reggie Nelson Authentic Jersey[/url] 37.5, compared to the top [url=]Pink Calais Campbell Womens Jersey[/url] 10 49.8 you start getting a better picture of what going on. That translates to an average of 4.16 receptions per diva per game while the top 10 receivers are averaging 5.08 receptions per game.Posted by silentarchimedes on October 13, [url=]Limited Mark Herzlich Giants Jersey[/url] 2008None of the four have lost playing time due to injury. Although Burress was suspended a game and a quarter, as per diva rules. Of the 36 games played by all four of them, they have combined for only four 100+ yard games (Moss 3, Burress 1)!! It easy to blame their lack of production on injuries to their quarterback. Brady is injured for the entire season, and both Romo and Palmer have been injured for a majority of the time. However, Moss has had three 100+ games with QB Matt Cassel, so it not just due to the Brady effect. Burress lack of production with a healthy Eli Manning definitely has to do with his diva distractions resulting from being suspended twice. Additionally, when you look at some of the top receivers now, they are getting their yards even from bobo and/or inexperienced QBs. Johnson from Matt Schaub in [url=]Kids Domenik Hixon Game Jersey[/url] Houston, Jennings from Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay, White from upstart Matt Ryan in Atlanta and Johnson from pathetic QBs in Detroit.Note: The poll below has been by Tony [url=]Youth Nick Foles Black Jersey[/url] Romo fans trying to justify that he is a better quarterback than Eli Manning. The count before the was 91 in favor of Manning. After the compromise, the count was 10059, in favor of Romo. So simply subtract 1004 from the Romo number (until another compromise occurs). I think most of us agree that Romo is a better quarterback, but until [url=]Pink 12th Fan Womens Jersey[/url] he wins some playoff games, he won be in the same class as Roethlisberger and Manning. I don even think Romo was drafted in any of the first few rounds, unlike the other two who were drafted in the first round.A championship win does tremendous things to the public perspective of the athlete and to the athlete himself. Before the Giants amazing playoff run last year, Eli was seen as a mediocre QB compared to Romo, and many others in the league. He was seen as someone who belonged in the NFL but would not be able to lay a finger on his much better QB brother, Peyton Manning. After Eli leadership and performance throughout the playoffs, and his 40 start to lead the Giants this season, many people now argue that Eli is a better QB than Peyton. What has changed so quickly? Well, for one thing that championship. For another, Eli is a much more confident player. Athletes need confidence. When they start doubting their ability to do well, it will show up on the field. The elephant will simply grow bigger and bigger.
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Perhaps the most important player for the Thunder is Serge Ibaka, who has the size and skill set to haunt GMs across the league. Ibaka, whom GM Sam Presti shrewdly extended for four more years during the offseason, is a terrific pickandroll big who can shoot it with ease from as far out as 16 feet. Defensively, however, he must be more dominant. As Miami proved, teams are not afraid to challenge Kendrick Perkins in the paint. Despite leading the NBA in blocked shots last season, Ibaka fell at or below the league average in pickandroll defense, per Synergy Sports. In the Finals, that led to exposed interior defense and poor rotations that eventually led to a fivegame beatdown.There is also the new "Reggie Miller rule" in effect for 2012. Miller, of course, infamously patented the jumper legkick to initiate contact with the defender and draw a cheap foul. The rule states that referees will call the offensive player for the foul and not the helpless defender. That said, a similar rule in the NFL is supposed to apply to cornerbacks and wide receivers when both have an equal right to the ball.The Other New York Team?With the Brooklyn Nets generating most of the offseason buzz in the TriState, the Knicks have taken a back seat. Here's a scary statistic: When Carmelo Anthony, Amar'e Stoudemire and Tyson Chandler (the 2012 Defensive Player of the Year) played together, the Knicks scored 98.5 points per 100 possessions, well below the bottom third of the league. With Jeremy Lin gone and Raymond Felton back, coach Mike Woodson is hoping his team's pickandroll game will again excel. [url=]Limited Cortland Finnegan White Jersey[/url] Of course, if it doesn't, the Knicks can just decide to dump the ball into the paint. Stoudemire, fresh off an offseason working on his postup game with Hakeem Olajuwon, is coming off his lowest scoring average in a noninjured season since he was a rookie.Heat Repeat?Leave it to Miami to poach Celtics free agent Ray Allen and his 2,718 3pointers. Then there is Rashard Lewis (1,690 made 3s), along with Game 5 Finals hero Mike Miller, who give the Heat three of the NBA's top13 active players in 3pointers made. The reason for acquiring three elite shooters is pretty simple: Teams have figured out that one of the only ways to slow LeBron and Dwyane Wade is to pack the paint and force them to go through more bodies. As we saw in the playoffs, doing so leaves shooters with consistently clean looks from deep. Allen, while not the perennial AllStar he once was, remains one of the league's most lethal bombers, converting over 45 percent [url=]Women's Aldrick Robinson Elite Burgundy Red Jersey[/url] on 3pointers last year. Lewis and Miller are knockdown standstill threats who also can't be left alone.Celtic PrideWithout Ray Allen on the perimeter banging triples, Boston will turn its shooting guard reins this season over to thirdyear man Avery Bradley. Bradley, who supplanted Allen last season in the starting role, gives Boston one of the league's quickest and most dynamic backcourts alongside point guard Rajon Rondo. He is a lethal onball defender with an improving jumper and provides a much needed infusion of overall team speed.Thunder And LightningNo team in the league has a better combination of youth and talent [url=]Youth Markus Wheaton White Jersey[/url] than Oklahoma City. 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Without him, OKC will be reliant on rookie Jeremy Lamb, whom it acquired in the deal, and loses the league's reigning Sixth Man of the Year winner.The postseason is generally a halfcourt game, and until teams figure out how to consistently beat the Heat by actually running offense, this team remains the favorite to capture a secondstraight title.As to the last question, Kobe says it's still his team, and the arrival of Dwight Howard and Steve Nash make LA the game's most devastating pickandroll squad. Then, there are the question marks surrounding Derrick Rose and that torn ACL. And let's not forget JayZ's favorite team and the other franchise in the TriState.Anthony has yet to take over [url=]Kids Nick Folk Elite Jersey[/url] an entire playoff series and lead the Knicks on a deep playoff run. At [url=]Nike Fletcher Cox Authenitc Jersey[/url] 28 years old, he is theoretically in his prime. Woodson's plan to implement his arsenal of offensive abilities will often consist of playing him at the four, a role in which he excelled in London. NBA fours are significantly better, but giving 'Melo the freedom to play in the paint and bring slower defenders out to the threepoint line should be a terrific move.While 2011 proved to be a challenging season on both sides of the ball for a Laker team that was ousted by Oklahoma City in five games, 2012 should be much better if Kobe is willing to defer. Veteran free agent acquisition Antawn Jamison should bolster the bench, Pau Gasol should be better and Nash instantly takes the playmaking pressure off everyone else, particularly No. 24.Some worry that the new rule will result in fewer charges called, as its easily the most subjective call officials make. Chicago Bulls forward Carlos Boozer has a response to that: "We don't flop over [url=]Elite Andy Dalton Kids Jersey[/url] here," he said. "We play D. If we take charges, [url=]Kids Marshawn Lynch Game Jersey[/url] it's a real charge. There are some teams that live and die by the flop. I like the rule. It puts pressure on guys to play better defense."As the 201213 NBA season approaches, what better time to ponder whether or not the Miami Heat will repeat, if Oklahoma City is ready to challenge, and if the newlook Lakers can be tops once again in the West.The first punishment will result in a warning, followed by a $5,000 fine for a second violation and on up. Foreign players known for their acting skills, like Cleveland's Anderson Varejao have take notice: "I'm not flopping anymore," he said. "I used to flop a little bit.""Flops have no place in our game they either fool referees into calling undeserved fouls or fool fans into thinking the referees missed a foul call," NBA vice president of basketball operations Stu Jackson has said.Improved Heat And A StillNo More Flopping!For fans sick of seeing NBA players making a bid for an Oscar, the league's new flopping rule is a welcome development.The other noteworthy element for the Celtics is in the rebounding department, which derailed their upset bid against Miami in the playoffs. For the season, they ranked 28th overall in rebounding percentage, at 47.3 percent. Boston fans hope [url=]Youth Domenik Hixon Nike Jersey[/url] that will change in 2012 with the drafting of 7footer Fab Melo and power forward Jared Sullinger, both first round picks. The resigning of Kevin Garnett didn't get big headlines, but KG's passion [url=]Authentic Rey Maualuga Youth Jersey[/url] and leadership along with his scoring ability should keep Boston relevant in the East, at least for one more season.Anthony, meanwhile, comes off a marvelous summer with Team USA, when he captured his secondstraight gold medal as one of the club's leading scorers. Over the summer, the quality of his play was more a byproduct of his surroundings than actual change on his part.Rose shot just 21 percent in the conference finals two years ago against Miami, and 6 percent with LeBron James guarding him. Under head coach Tom Thibodeau, this team has built an identity as a tough defense, ranking first in both total points allowed (88.2) and rebounding last season. But lackluster scoring has been a recurring issue. Carlos Boozer has not delivered since signing a fiveyear, $80 million deal in 2010, and Luol Deng, while solid, has shown he cannot carry the Bulls when Rose struggles. Playing highlevel defense is certainly a positive, but when you're [url=]Pink Roman Harper Game Jersey[/url] dealing with high octane Miami in the East, it simply is not enough.So the pivotal question is: Whither the Bulls if Rose, reportedly recovering ahead of schedule, isn't the same DRose he was before?Defensively, with the remarkable length and quickness of James, Wade and Chris Bosh, Miami forced turnovers at a league best 17.6 percent of opponent possessions, while ranking first in the NBA in both isolation and transition defense, per Synergy Sports. The issue that many teams face in trying to attack the Heat Oklahoma City in the Finals is a prime example is an inability to space the floor. It's not merely that Miami has superb oneonone defenders in James, Wade and Mario Chalmers, but in combination with lightningfast rotations they are truly elite.Then there is Dirk Nowitzki, who told the [url=]Womens Ed Reed Pink Jersey[/url] Dallas Morning News: "I think it's a bunch of crap to be honest with you. Are they going to come back after a game and fine you for flopping? That's tough to do to me."They've Got NextAnthony Davis may be the next Kevin Garnett. Washington's Bradley Beal is one of the most gifted offensive rookies I've ever seen. Charlotte's Michael KiddGilchrist is already an elite perimeter defender. Portland's Damian [url=]Youth Dee Milliner White Jersey[/url] Lillard may be Russell Westbrook 2.0, and Golden State's Harrison Barnes will prove exactly why certain players are meant for college and certain players are meant for the NBA.Not since the famed 2003 draft class of LeBron, DWade and Carmelo have has there been an abundance of rooks so stout. Whether or not this class lives [url=]Marshawn Lynch Jersey[/url] up to the hype is impossible [url=]Elite Michael Brockers White Jersey[/url] to know, but the 2012 draftees will go down as one of basketball's most promising.The Return Of [url=]Pink Jordy Nelson Youth Jersey[/url] DRose? Before Derrick Rose tore his ACL in the first round of last season's playoffs, the Bulls were a prohibitive favorite with their best chance at a title since No. 23. When disaster happened, Chicago not surprisingly fell apart. But were they truly elite to begin with?One Black Mamba And One Superman, PleaseEven if Kobe Bryant still insists that the Lakers owners of the league's highest payroll are his team, no [url=]Womens Steven Hauschka White Jersey[/url] player is more important to this franchise right now than Dwight Howard. The towering 26yearold center and threetime Defensive Player of the Year gives LA its first dominant big man since Shaq left, and it could not come at a better time. The pickandroll combination between him and free agent acquisition Steve Nash will be dynamic, as will Howard's herculean ability to protect the paint. But the Lakers still don't have an especially quick team on the perimeter. Aside from Howard in the middle, its most important player on defense will be Metta World Peace, who was superb during [url=]Steelers David DeCastro White Jersey[/url] the second half of last season as a lockdown defender, holding opponents to a mere 29 percent shooting in offthedribble situations (per Synergy Sports).
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But the setback to Arkansas will always irk the Tigers.LSU senior wide receiver Terrence Toliver said the team never expected to play as poorly [url=]White Leodis McKelvin Bills Jersey[/url] as it did coming off strong efforts against Alabama and Ole Miss.But even with the big plays, LSU's offense had excellent opportunities to answer. Junior quarterback Jordan Jefferson reverted to his inconsistent ways despite declaring once again [url=]Youth DeAngelo Williams Black Jersey[/url] he thought he played "a pretty good ballgame.""It surprised us," he said. "We had a great week of practice; we were looking forward to coming in and getting the victory against this team. Arkansas did a good job of gameplanning against [url=]Womens Kam Chancellor Authentic Jersey[/url] our offense and defense, so you gotta give it up to them."Not completely, since LSU had such [url=]Danario Alexander Blue Jersey[/url] a large [url=]Jamar Taylor Limited Jersey[/url] hand in its demise."I think he will be as well," Miles said when asked if he was disappointed with Jefferson's play. "He's a better quarterback than he played today. . We didn't play our best football. The snaps were a cadence issue. The quarterback needs to communicate to the offense a little bit [url=]White David Wilson Kids Jersey[/url] better."Jefferson (16 of 27 for 184 yards) completed more passes than Arkansas junior quarterback Ryan Mallett, but he was inconsistent and struggled again with holding the ball too long. LSU had communication problems with the cadence, resulting in two bad snaps for 22 yards in losses."When you [url=]Womens Brandon Pettigrew Limited Jersey[/url] give up big plays like that its difficult to end with victory," Tigers Coach Les Miles said. "It seemed like we played well, really well, at times and other times we gave up big play."The Tigers have some time to lick their wounds and recuperate from a 12game grind. They will get some time off for exams and begin bowl preparations around midDecember with a chance to write a happier ending to the season.Now Arkansas, instead of the Tigers, will likely prance into New Orleans for its first Sugar Bowl in 31 years. A victory by Auburn against South Carolina in the [url=]Kids William Gay Nike Jersey[/url] Southeastern Conference championship game Saturday at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta would put them in the BCS title game and [url=]Game Whitney Mercilus Red Jersey[/url] open up the Sugar Bowl to the [url=]Pink Kareem Jackson Youth Jersey[/url] No. 8 Razorbacks.The bottom line, it's still a 102 season and should net the No. 11 Tigers a nice bowl game, perhaps the Cotton Bowl, or a return to Orlando, Fla., for the Capital One Bowl, or a first time showing in the Outback [url=]Nike Justin Durant Cowboys Jersey[/url] Bowl [url=]Jason Witten Pink Jersey[/url] in Tampa.All season, LSU's defense and special teams were strong enough to support a constantly struggling offense and scratch out [url=]Men's Peyton Manning Limited Jersey[/url] 10 victories. Saturday's game had the feel of fitting in better in 2008 or 2009. Each of the three branches of the team contributed to the loss.Another bad angle by Hatcher resulted in the 80yard score when he collided full speed [url=]Authentic Cam Newton Jersey[/url] with Morris Claiborne, knocking the wind out [url=]Chiefs Derrick Johnson Game Jersey[/url] of him and [url=]Youth Gerald McCoy Jersey[/url] allowing Hamilton to run free again with time running out in the first half. Hatcher also drew a 15yard facemask penalty on the game's second play, spoiling a careerhigh 10tackle day.With a BCS bowl berth hanging in the balance, it's not like LSU had little to play for.The defense was burned on 85 and 80yard pass plays, the second on the final play of the first half. When the game was still there to [url=]Kids David DeCastro Black Jersey[/url] be won, the Tigers couldn't stop a passing team from running it down their throats in the fourth quarter.LSU takes step backward in 31The Tigers' 3123 loss at Arkansas on Saturday [url=]Authentic Caleb Sturgis Orange Jersey[/url] looked [url=]Youth Dawan Landry Jersey[/url] like a blast from the past.Special teams cost the offense a possession by letting a bouncing punt hit blocker Daniel Graff, causing a fumble recovered by the Razorbacks. Also, the Tigers' Josh Jasper missed a 43yard fieldgoal attempt.Other times LSU simply couldn't make a defensive play with the game on the line. Arkansas marched 88 yards to a field goal that made the score 3120. The Razorbacks averaged 8yards per play on the drive, [url=]Mens Eric Fisher Jersey[/url] all running plays.Tigers junior cornerback Patrick Peterson failed to chuck receiver Cobi Hamilton, allowing him to run free to an open spot in the zone. Junior safety Karnell Hatcher then compounded the mistake by taking a poor angle and missing the tackle on the sideline while Hamilton sped for a touchdown."We were down about it, but now we have to move forward and prepare for the next opponent," LSU junior running back Stevan Ridley said. "We can be down tonight and tomorrow, but after that we have to move forward."
PeveMevYnom at 2013-10-08 14:48:13
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new I was in really big trouble because I knew at that point that my days of dealing with mainstream medicine [url= ]Bruce Gradkowski Steelers Jersey[/url] in the United States of America were over. Among them were the iron-supported railway viaducts designed by Eiffel, an arch bridge over the Douro River in Portugal with a span of 160 m, and a design for a circular, iron-frame tower proposed by the American engineers Clarke and Reeves for the Centennial Exposition of 1876. A sign of temporal