5 Apps That Slow Down File Explorer

Recently, several Windows 10 users have reported that File Explorer is too slow or that it keeps opening randomly. Some Windows users reported that File Explorer keeps crashing.

Top Apps slowing down file explorer

Although File Explorer starts behaving like that, it won’t stop you from performing your tasks normally, though the frequent pop-ups can be annoying.


When File Explorer begins to show behaviors of slowing down, one of the reasons for that often points to some applications on your computer. Some applications can cause File Explorer to slow down or show some other unresponsive behaviors.

If File Explorer is slow even when you have switched off all the risky apps, you can read more how to easily fix it. Sometimes you need to run the SFC Scan or clear Quick access cache.

5 Common Apps That Often Slow Down File Explorer


While AutoPlay is an important application for opening removable drives, it is also one of the main apps that slow down File Explorer. In many instances, users reported that File Explorer slowed down then started opening randomly.

Some users had reported that File Explorer resumed its normal function when they disabled AutoPlay on their devices.

Third-Party Antivirus programs

There have been cases where third party antivirus programs caused File Explorer to slow down. Some AV programs are heavy and open slowly or cause other Folders to open slowly while others cause numerous PC errors, including slowing down File Explorer.
If your File Explorer is running slow, try to temporarily disable or uninstall the third-party antivirus program and see how File Explorer works thereafter.


Cortana slows down file explorer performance

Cortana virtual assistant is among the best feature-upgrades of Windows 10. While it’s a highly useful feature, many Windows users have reported that Cortana often slows down File Explorer.
If Cortana is the main reason why File Explorer slows down, you can disable it to solve the problem.

Quick Access

Quick access is an important feature in Windows 10 and is useful if you want to do quick navigation to a certain folder that you use frequently. However, several users have reported that some folders in Quick access can cause File Explorer to slow down.

Quick Access can slow down file explorer

You may need to remove the items on the Quick Access list one-by-one to identify the folder causing File Explorer to slow down then completely unpin it from quick access.

Windows Phone App

Windows 10’s Your Phone app is a new feature specific to Windows 10 users that links your phone and PC and sync their function. Notably, it works best for Android users, and sync notifications let you text from your PC and lets you transfer photos back and forth wirelessly.

However, a few users have noted that Your Phone app can sometimes slow down File Explorer or it may be unresponsive.


Windows Explorer is an important application in the Windows Operating System. When it is not in its optimal functioning state, you may be frustrated because it will affect your user experience.

If you have continuous all around issue with slow PC you can read this guide to find out how to speed up Windows performance

It is important to know what application causes File Explorer to slow down so that you can fix them and continue using your computer effectively. There are several other issues that you may face with this system app, such as File explorer keeps opening randomly. But the approach to fix this issue may differ a lot.


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