Origin Thin Setup Errors

Many Windows users have been reporting different Origin Thin Setup Errors when they try to install Origin client on their PCs.

Origin Thin Setup

The frustration that comes with the Origin Client’s failure to install is something only gamers can understand.

Let’s look at a few of the Origin Thin Setup Errors.

Common Origin Thin Setup Errors

You can install the Origin client from Origin’s official website. However, sometimes you may encounter Origin thin setup errors, usually on Windows computers. Some of the most common Origin Thin setup or install errors include:

  • Origin error code 16-1
  • Origin error code 6.0
  • Origin error code 10.0
  • Origin error code 20.2
  • msvcp140.dll was not found
  • vcruntime140.dll wasn’t found

Note: If you encounter the error and Origin Thin Setup is not opening, read this article to find out how to fix it and continue gaming.

Origin Error Code 16-1

Origin error 16-1 is a new Origin thin setup error. Users who’ve reported the error message say that it pops up when you try to update the origin client or reinstall it.

The main reason why you may encounter Origin error code 16-1 is the installer’s residue files. These files or cache can interfere with the installation process.

Other reasons behind Origin Error code 16-1 might include corrupted files, outdated drivers, or some other PC system technical glitches.

Origin Error Code 6.0

The Origin error code 6.0 is a common error that has been reported by many users. You might encounter the error if you had recently uninstalled Origin Client to install the new version or for any other reason. On the next fresh install of Origin client, you may encounter Origin error code 6.0.
Usually, the Origin error code 6.0 occurs because of incomplete uninstallation that left some Origin elements in the installation path. The older application’s elements might be interfering with the newer application’s installation.

To solve Origin error code 6.0, you may need to clear the Origin data cache or change the installation path.

Origin Error Code 10.0

Origin error code 10.0 is related to the originthinsetup.exe file or OriginThinSetupInternal.exe file. Several users have noted that it occurs on the new version of Origin Thin setup. In most cases, the error is associated with inadequate disk space to accommodate the application. However, a few users have also noted disabling their antivirus program helped them solve the error.

Origin Error Code 20.2

Like Origin error code 10.0, the Origin error code 20.2 also occurs because of inadequate disk space to install the Origin client. You may need to check your installation drive and make sure there is sufficient storage to install the application.

msvcp140.dll was not found, and vcruntime140.dll wasn’t found

Errors related to msvcp140.dll and vcruntime140.dll are often related to system functions. For instance, it can be caused by a faulty application or system files that have been deleted, misplaced, or corrupted, by malicious software present on the PC. The errors are also related to a damaged Windows registry.

msvcp140.dll and vcruntime140.dll are part of “Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2015. They’re required for the proper running of programs developed with Visual C++. Applications and games, such as Origin Client, may need the msvcp140.dll or vcruntime140.dll files in the game/application installation folder for them to run properly.

To solve these errors, you may need to copy these files from the Windows system folder and paste them into the Origin Thin setup or install-folder.

How to download Origin Thin Setup


Origin is one of the common gaming applications. If it becomes dysfunctional, or if it cannot install, you can be very frustrated. Knowing the common Origin thin setup errors can prepare you for any future error you may encounter with Origin Client.


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