Yourphone.exe Typical Issues Windows 10

Yourphone.exe is one of the background processes that you’ll see in the Task Manager of your Windows 10. It is a genuine process and a legitimate executable file that runs the Windows 10’s Your Phone app.

Yourphone.exe in Windows 10

Your Phone app is a Windows application preinstalled on Windows 10. It helps to sync and connect your phone to your Windows 10 device and allows you to conduct activities such as photo sharing and messaging.

You can learn more about Yourphone.exe here.

While this is an important Windows application, some users have reported a number of issues around the Yourphone.exe process.

Are you having issues with the Yourphone.exe on Windows 10? Let’s check what are typical Yourphone.exe issues in Windows 10.

Is Yourphone.exe A Virus?

Windows 10 users who are not familiar with the Yourphone.exe process often get concerned about its presence in their Task Manager. In addition, since Yourphone.exe is an executable, most concerned users think it’s a virus.

YourPhone.exe is not a virus. It is a legitimate Windows file and process developed and distributed by Microsoft as a preinstalled app.

Your Phone official App in Windows 10

However, Yourphone.exe may be a malicious process disguised as a Windows process. For instance, it is uncommon for two YourPhone.exe processes to run on the same device, and if so, one of them is a malicious process.

To know whether Yourphone.exe is genuine, check its location (it is usually located in a subfolder of C:\Program Files) and check the file size, which should not be more than 21KB.

Yourphone.exe Running In The Background of Windows 10

In a few cases, users have reported noticing the Yourphone.exe on their Task Manager even when they’re not using it.

Usually, your phone should run in the background without causing any trouble, such as high CPU usage or interruptions on your PC processes.

However, it is a considerable concern to unknowing users, especially when Yourphone.exe appears to be consuming high computer resources. This app may also affect other Windows system applications and make file explorer running slowly or make it opening randomly.

You may disable the Yourphone.exe process to free up your computer resources.

Yourphone.exe High CPU Usage

On several occasions, users have complained that the Yourphone.exe showed high CPU usage on their Task Manager.

This is perhaps the reason why many users think that Yourphone.exe is a virus. But it would be best if you ruled out a virus infection.

However, if YourPhone.exe keeps reminding you that your disk is full or keeps showing high CPU resources usage, it may have been corrupted and transformed into malware, which is now eating up your system resources.

When the Yourphone.exe shows high CPU usage, you can disable the process or remove it from your device. Before deciding to disable or remove it, take your time to first determine why it is behaving so.


Yourphone.exe is a Windows process that helps you sync your phone and PC. However, many users have expressed concerns, as we’ve elaborated in this post.

Have you encountered any concern with the Yourphone.exe process? Kindly share with us the issue in the comments section.


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